To Want, To Dream, To Achieve

From my friend Robyn, who is making it happen…

Robyn Lynn


I bought an airplane ticket to Ireland today.

I am a “big ideas” kind of girl.  When something grabs my fancy, I am all over it, but as they say,the devil is in the details which  often prove uninteresting or unrealistic. So, when I told my family  a year ago that I wanted to go to Ireland this fall, they smiled politely and moved the conversation onto more plausible things. Besides, a trip abroad to Ireland was clearly out of reach to someone of my limited income—the almost 3 week trip, even on a budget, would cost nearly a quarter of what I earned last year. But I wanted it. I wanted it badly. 

Awhile ago I took a job at a bookstore. One day, after I exclaimed how much I loved travel books and my soon-to-be-friend Amanda asked, “Well, where are you going to go, then?”. What a stunning question to…

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